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Rock Wool Board / Mineral Wool Board

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Tianjin Haimen Building Materials Co.,ltd
Tianjin, China
  • Response Time: < 24h
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Model No.: 01 Place of Origin: China
Density Thickness
kg/m3 mm
60 50 70 80 100 150 /
75 50 70 80 100 150 /
80 50 70 80 100 150 /
100 50 70 80 100 150 /
120 30 40 50 80 100 /
130 30 40 50 70 80 100
150 30 40 50 70 80 100
180 30 40 50 70 80 100
200 30 40 50 70 80 100


Rock Wool is made from basalt, an inorganic raw material. It is produced through heating basalt at 1350˚C - 1400˚C and transforming it into fibers, which are bonded together using a thermosetting resin. It is light and easy to install, mainly used for thermal and acoustic insulation where high compressive strength is required such as over-deck, floors, sandwich panels, and dry wall partitions.


1)Sound absorption and noise reduction

2)Heat insulation

3)A1 class non-combustibility

4)High fibre toughness

5))environmental protection and health

6)customization for customer

Our rock wool insulation having the following advantages:

Rock Wool Board / Mineral Wool Board

1)The product is light volume-weight and low in thermal conductivity.

2)No fluorine and chlorine, no corrosive to the equipment.

3)Non-combustible chemical stability is good.


Rock Wool Board / Mineral Wool Board

Rock wool board for ship thermal insulation and fire prevention partition keel interlayer sound insulation; Rock wool for building has excellent fire prevention, heat preservation and sound absorption performance. It is mainly used for building wall, roof insulation; Fire prevention and noise reduction of building partitions, firewalls, fire doors and elevator shafts.

The rock wool production process

Rock Wool Board / Mineral Wool Board


Properties Value
Density 60-150 Kg/m3
Shot content (particle diameter ≥0.25mm), % ≤12.0
Average fiber diameter, μm ≤7.0
Density tolerance, % +15, -15
Thermal conductivity coefficient (average temperature: 70±2℃), W/(m. K) ≤0.043
Thermal load contraction temperature (products with density above 60kg/m3), ≤ 600
Acidity coefficient mk ≥ 1.6
Moisture content, % ≤0.5
Combustion property Non-combustible(A class)
Organic material content, % ≤ 4.0
Water repellence (water-proof), % ≥ 98
Water absorption (water-proof), % ≤ 5
Max Application Temperature ℃ 650



1. Are you a manufacturer or a trading company?

We are a manufacturer which has 30 years' history.

2. Can you accept OEM or ODM?

Of course, Logo is also acceptable.

3. What is the delivery time?

About 10-20 days after the contract signing.

4. What is your payment methods?

T/T L/C Paypal West Union and others .

5. Where is your manufacturer? How to visit it?

Our factory located in Binhai New Area, Tianjin, China. Mainly producing pre-insulated pipes, mineral wool insulation products and other insulating materials. You can take a plane to Beijing or Tianjin, then take a train to our company.

6. How do we control our products' quality?

We have professional quality control workers and quality inspection machine to control the entire production quality. We can also provide an inspection which was offered by a third party.   

7. Can I customize some other sizes of products?

Yes! We can according to the customer's request. If you have any other questions, please don't hesitate, contact us.



1. Timely response: to your inquiry in 24 hours, quickly respond mails and provide solutions.

2. Free sample: Sample and trial order are accepted for the quality evaluation.

3. Shorter delivery time: Book the earliest vessel or plane to guarantee the delivery time.

4. Professional Services: Provide high or cold temperature solutions and professionals installation and technology services for you.

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