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Rockwool Sound Insulation Slab Density Acoustic Panels Lowes

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Tianjin Haimen Building Materials Co.,ltd
Tianjin, China
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Model No.: Rock Wool Board-6... Place of Origin: China

rockwool sound insulation slab density acoustic panels lowes


Rockwool insulation lowes is a stone wool insulation made from volcanic rock (basalt). It is used for soundproofing and fire protection. It is often referred to as mineral wool insulation. Rockwool panels provides excellent soundproofing insulation and fire protection for both residential and commercial structures. Acoustic insulation lowes offers an excellent insulation to walls and floors where acoustical performance and fire resistance are primary concerns.


lowes Rockwool can be produced from a variety of mineral types. Rockwool is usually produced from the same minerals that exist in lava during a volcanic eruption. When making rockwool, this lava rock is reheated to its molten state. The molten rock is then spun until it has taken the shape of thin, long fibers. The process is actually quite similar to making cotton candy, although rockwool requires much greater temperatures because rocks have a much higher melting point than sugar.

  • Rock wool is made from volcanic rock - a natural material present in large quantities throughout the earth. It combines mechanical resistance with good thermal performance, fire safety and high temperature suitbility. 
  • Superior length and pressure: The board length is unlimited, can be more than 12 meters, it has a strong resistance to pressure.
  •  Shock resistance: By a special process of bonding, the formation has mouth-type composite panels, good integrity, high rigidity and has the impact resistance, shear mechanical properties.
  • Sound absorption: The open fiber structure ensures the rock wool good characteristics of sound absorption.


  • Fire prevention: Rock wool is a non-combustible inorganic material and the fire does not release toxic flue gas so that can maintain the stability of the building structure and prevent the spread of fire.





Average diameter of fiber(μm)

≤ 7

Slag ball content(> 0.25mm)%

≤ 12

Organic content %

≤ 3

Thermal conductivity (average temperature70±52) W/m.k

≤ 0.044

Water content %

≤ 0.5

Water absorption coefficient %

≤ 5

Moisture resistivity %

≥ 98

Maximum service temperature ℃

≤ 650


Grade A incombustible

Rock Wool Board-62










Special size can be customized




convenience: ;
Company is located in the port
city, has many ports, transport
fast and convenient.

Quality assurance:
AlI rock wools are strictly according to
international standard of ABS /LR /BV
/SGS /EC etc. We pro- actively address
both quality and environmental
concerns. Consequently, all products of
company are certified in accordance
with ISO9001, 14001.

Rock wool products are made from natural mineral fiber such as basalt and dolomite. Rock
wool board is hydrophobic, fireproof, acoustic, and widely used for steel structure, building,
ship, industry etc.



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